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What Is Car Electronic Control System? 

In simple words Electronic Control System comprises of many computers and some other kinds of electronic devices, In technical language a car has many Electronic Controllers. These controllers are controlled by Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or Electronic Control Module (ECM). These devices use a communication system to receive or pass the information that is received from the sensors by Can-Bus System. Finally ECU/ECM take action and feed the engine’s mechanical system accordingly. In this Electronic Control System the Communication System is playing very important role. this system calls Can-Bus (Controller Area Network).

Controller Area Network


As I mentioned before that the Electron Control System uses many devices and these devices are programmed to keep the Electronic Control System alive. If any device goes wrong and you see warning light in your dashboard. it means the Electronic Control System needs Reprogramming because every computer is programmed to calculate the values of the sensors fitted in the car. These sensors deliver messages to the different car System Control  Modules i.e. ABS, SRS which in turn provide information to the ECM and ECU.

As you know, a computer can go wrong or it configuration, and this is an everyday concern. As such, the ECU, ECM or other modules  inside the car can get errors in the same way.

To put it simply, we have to maintain our cars – not only our wheels, brakes or stereo system, but it is also important to update all of the software running the car.

It is very important to update the electronic control unit twice a year so that your car will properly understand the weather conditions and surrounding atmosphere. If the atmosphere’s information is not going to the ECU correctly, the air temperature sensor may cause the car not to start. From this you can quickly see how important reprogramming the car from time to time is.

All the sensors of the car should work correctly to inform the ECU and ECM properly to keep the system up to date. This is the responsibility of the owner or the driver of the car and it enables them to enjoy a comfortable and inexpensive ride.

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